News from the scientific field: new ways to fight depression

 Direct relationship between the weight of your bags and Shool opened in recent studies scholars. But that's not all. They also learned that the artificially created Poker Face on your face will help get rid of a bad mood.

Cause of depression can become your heavy bags. This is the conclusion, researchers from Hong Kong and Singapore. They found that the severity of the bag affects a person's mood. The heavier it is, the more a person feels bleak. It can even fall into depression. On the other hand, as soon as he gets rid of this burden, he begins to feel the emptiness and exhaustion. It turns a double edged sword. Thus, it is better initially to carry bags light, and for heavy bags or suitcases to choose on wheels. At the very least, do not have to feel the weight of the load on your body, and therefore, on your own mood. In this case, should at least get rid of unnecessary things that tend to carry with them in the woman's purse.

Another unexpected way to cheer yourself up steel Botox injections in the face. Swiss researchers found that the inability to frown after Botox makes people happier. This is because the facial muscles can not respond to emotional impulses of the brain and not sent back to the reaction, causing the brain adjusts to the positive.