Guesswork - one of the most popular ways to determine the fate of the world. They are happy to deal with people of all ages. Why coffee may uncover the secrets of the past and the future? How to have to guess? And how to decipher the resulting values? Here are the key issues associated with crystal ball gazing.

Historically, it is believed that the divination on coffee originated in the 14th century. Then the Indians before they go on the hunt, conducted the ritual of divination by means of coffee. However, over the past century have radically changed and methods of divination and interpretation of the resulting values.

Before you start you need to sit quietly divination few minutes, focusing on their issues. You also need to hold in your hand the cup for divination and again mentally utter all the questions. Ideally, it is necessary to rotate the cup clockwise three times.

The basic rule guesses - no rush. Coffee drinking is necessary slowly, enjoying every sip and at rest, a bit like a trance. And more coffee to be sugarless.

To obtain reliable results, it is necessary to observe certain rules of divination. Firstly, the cup should be a smooth inner surface and always white. Coffee for divination need to choose a medium-sized meals.

To obtain the desired residue is necessary that the person to whom wondering drank the whole cup to the bottom, and then what's left on the bottom several times to mix, shaking. Then you need to turn the cup upside down on the saucer. When all the liquid has drained, you can start guessing.

The precipitate should carefully review and consider all sides at different angles. What is distinctly visible symbol, the better its interpretation. Pen cup associated with the man himself. If the symbol is located next to it, then all events are treated relate to his house.

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