Comes in the form

Comes in the form
 The long-awaited summer, and that means that you have to be in shape. If you feel that you prevent the extra pounds, it's time to lose them. This should be done gradually so as not to harm the body.
 It is not necessary to burden themselves with grueling diets for weight loss. Try primarily emotionally set yourself up for what you want to feel legkoct and comfort. In achieving the goal will help you fasting days. For example, an apple a day, during which you need to eat about two pounds of the fruit. It is desirable that while a quarter of them was when baked. Or Kefir day when you drink a glass of milk beverage when a feeling of hunger.

Find time to do sports exercises. First, you will hate his regime, and even want to quit, but this is not worth it if your goal is to get rid of extra pounds. As easily as possible to adapt to the new regime, go swimming or gymnastics. It will suffice to four to five sessions per week lasting about an hour.

If the effort is not enough, and the arrow on the scale does not move off the ground, will have to go to the gym. Include in your weekly schedule two hour and a half of training. If lack of time does not allow you to engage in the hall, you can go jogging. Half-hour jog in the park can help evaporate extra pounds. Suffice it to run once every two or three days, and after a couple of weeks you will notice positive changes. To make it not boring, bring your player with your favorite music. Treat jogging not as grueling workout, but as something joyful, that will bring you closer to the desired parameters.

Training - this is not all that is needed to achieve the desired result. Consult a cosmetologist, which will tell you how to lose weight after the lead body in order and avoid trouble like stretch marks. Be sure to treat yourself to a chocolate wrap it well splits fat cells and help you to become even slimmer.

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