The word "mother in law" brings terror to many young and progressive women, for whom a woman over forty - an old woman. But do not hurry up and write the mother of her husband in a number of enemies. After all, it can be your best friend.
 When it comes to exist under the same roof with her husband's parents, family life can turn into a nightmare. But even at a distance in-law can become a "problem." But the problem there? And why, in fact, it was her? Perhaps intrusive and always giving tips woman stops so annoying if at least try to understand it and made it our goal - to find a common language with her.

Although the most valuable is the most common you have with it already - it's your husband and her son. Think about these words - her son. Very soon you too will become a mother and you will know all the charm of night feedings, temperature, kindergartens, clubs and schools, the army and study in college. But the mother-in-all this has survived and its experience in some aspects is priceless. Who knows her better than her son, are you? And how much you have it, actually, you know? And she - years, decades. In addition, given that her son came to you to taste, apparently in-law managed all not bad. So whether or not to ignore it for the sake of their own sense of ownership?

Of course, it happens that the mother in law is really too picky, but here it is worth more to regret. After all, she was used to seeing her son's side, take care of it, and now she actually lost this happiness. Show a little respect, understanding and patience. Show that you do not mind if your second mom will all also worry about their child. Make this your common cause and then, for sure, everything will work out. If hysterical after each of the mother-in Board - will not be much good.

So how do you keep the peace in-law? The main thing - to reassure her that she has not lost her son and still he needs. To do this, do not hesitate to ask her about her husband, to share your plans and listen to advice. Not surprisingly, if you discover a lot of new things. And, of course, very important respect, attention and even care, but without gross flattery. Show your husband that you are worried about his mother, and of other relatives, no less than of his. This approach - a sure way to peace between the two families, and hence to the world-in-law. By the way, befriended her with her mother, you are quite likely to be able to count on the indulgence by-law on many points.

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