World-in-law: the guarantee of a happy family

World-in-law: the guarantee of a happy family
 During the formation of relationships rare woman thinks that with his chosen it acquires and his relatives. After marriage, often turns out that the mother of her husband, to put it mildly, not a perfect man. Therefore, the problem of how to mend relations with her mother in law, of concern to many.
 Folklore is replete with anecdotes about the wife's mother, and the mother-to tolerate. Although the latter with respect to the daughter also happens quite intolerable. Lucky if her husband long before the marriage began an independent life, to escape from the parental care. If the wife took him home moms, the conflict relations simply inevitable. Even the most sensible mother-in hard to fully agree with the idea that it is now on her precious boy will take care of the other. And even more so to accept the fact that his wife could cope with household chores is not worse.

That's why almost every action causes a lot of daughter boards. Not the worst option - when they are advisory in nature and are presented based on life experience. Much more unpleasant if all replicas are filled with sarcasm and humiliate young wife as a mistress.

Ideally, to improve relations in-law to help her husband. That it is incumbent tactfully explain to my mother that the choice he made himself and his all completely satisfied. When the character of the husband does not allow her mother to put in place, daughter falls harder.

The very first mistake - this is an attempt to call for common sense or start trench warfare. Poor-law, or as good as any adult, it remains at the opinion. Open confrontation only leads to deterioration of the nervous system, but those results also does not work. Many psychologists recommend to take it for what it is and try to love, but like afford not for everyone.

Output is quite simple: if love does not work or not for that, you can simply ignore it attacks. It is unlikely that someone will take too much to heart rudeness in public transport or store. If the position antics in-law as such displays, the transfer will be much easier.

Also, be aware that the world-in-law - is the key to a happy family. It is best to have a friend in her face, but not the enemy, and then in difficult situations it will help, but will not configure a husband against his wife.

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