Treatment of love addiction

Treatment of love addiction
 Love is beautiful and mysterious. It appears suddenly, but also can suddenly and disappear, leaving in memory of him only pleasant memories and sweet taste of happiness. It happens so that people will speed up the gap, paying too much attention to relations and literally chasing his favorite, not letting him pass. If you are a romantic flirting turned into a real relationship, you must take immediate action.
 Nobody says that the love relationship without surrendering balance - it is bad or wrong. These relationships are wrong when you forget about yourself and cease to see anything other than the desires and needs of his partner. First, it is a fun game that enjoy both, but very soon the object of your passion starts to get tired of so much attention. When you need a break from each other, you are attracting even closer to his beloved, blocking him oxygen. Such a relationship - a real relationship where one without the other can not exist, and the second begins to tire of it.

The first step - awareness of the problem. As long as you do not see what is happening and think that everything is going as it should - There is hardly any possibility to help correct the situation. But if you realize that you are addicted to their feelings and emotions, you want to be with your loved constantly and anything else you are not happy - then it's time to start intensive therapy. Of course, you want to be closer, but if you continue in the same spirit, lose it completely. That's why now your main tactic - switching the focus of attention. As would be terrible and absurd as it sounds, but you need to forget about the object of his ardent passion and think about yourself.

Take a bubble bath, treat yourself to your favorite chocolate or insanely delicious cake and go to the beauty salon. When the last time you did something only for myself, not because it is like your soul mate? Sign up for a class in rowing or skydiving, ride in the winter woods on horseback or take a subscription to the pool. Believe in your life there are lots of really wonderful things and you can enjoy all of them regardless of whether you have one or not. Yes, loneliness - sad to go, but if you constantly cling to relationships and afraid to be alone with him, there is a danger to completely forget that in their own society can have a great time.

Arrange a rest from the feelings of love and remember that joy and bright emotions you do not need one! You - a holistic and integrated personality can develop, improve themselves and become even more compelling, interesting and fabulous. Well, how? Lift your mood? Keep this in mind and always try in any, even the most perfect relationship without losing herself. Love relationship is treated, you only need to know how to do it right.

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