Three traps marriage

Three traps marriage
 Some marriages fail, and the reason for this phenomenon is very concerned about psychologists. Based on the analysis of different cases, they were able to identify three major mistakes that people who are married. In the future, they can lead to the disintegration of the family. If you want your family was strong and united, avoid such phenomena.

The main trap into which fall almost all people - is selfishness. They are much more value their opinion and fun than what's important partner. One does not just nice, but need to get attention, to feel concern, but we can not allow someone to overtighten the blanket only on themselves, otherwise such selfishness can result in catastrophic. But the flip side of this process, that is, the complete dissolution of his personality in a partner, may not be less painful if you happen to that person a few disengage from you. People have to be really close, but you can not lose yourself, otherwise it will result in loss of interest and from the partner.

It can be concluded that it is necessary to preserve their own interests, but you can not go too far, guided only by them. Partner needs must be met in the same way as your own, in the same proportion.

Another mistake is that some people believe that without telling the partner unpleasant details of anything, keeping it in the dark about the true situation, it is possible to save a marriage. He does not know, and that's why it hurts not to be. But it is not. The reason lies can not be sure that someone has committed treason. Even the most simple and innocent motives for lying leads to the fact that the credibility of the person disappears, and it destroyed more than one marriage. Secret always becomes clear, these words should be remembered every person who chooses to lie to your partner. Easy to lose confidence. A restore it may not be possible.

The best thing, of course, do not do that can cause so much pain to your partner that you have decided on a lie. Just think about how it will be upset. This can help keep a lot of problems.

The third trap of marriage, family, this, as it turned out, hard work, and not an easy life. Some people think that getting married, he frees his life from some unpleasant things. But you can not get rid of the liability or other similar phenomena, throwing off it on the shoulders of the partner. Marriage requires effort, which is not so difficult when the partners do have a strong love. You should not expect anything from the person with whom you are entering into a marriage. This is a person, and everyone is different, all have their drawbacks. On some of them you just do not know yet. Be prepared for the fact that the partner has disadvantages, as well as any man.

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