The love boat has crashed against life

The love boat has crashed against life
 Almost every young family going through a trial of strength everyday problems. Routine and mundane become the most important enemies of romanticism and idealization partners, marriage as the ideal union of two loving people, which they planned to save up to old age.
 The first mutual feeling that the couple visited a couple of months after the wedding - irritation. Consumer habits begin to annoy you with extraordinary power - you could barely hold back from reproach, accusations and scandals. Even the subtle little things can awaken dormant until now cause dissatisfaction and righteous indignation. This is an absolutely natural process - to replace the blind love comes the conscious mind, which begins to protest against their traditional way of life. Unjustified expectations as a result of excessive idealization lead to internal conflict. Prepare to be that this will manifest irritability from time to time.

It is important in this situation to be able to listen. All claims do not grow out of nowhere and discontent your habits can be considered as advice or view from the side. If each spouse will be more tolerant and will try to change a little bit, then you have a chance to strengthen relations.

Often replaced by irritation comes complete indifference - you do not touch the bad habits, you become still. This is a very bad signal, indicating that gradually becomes a partner you care about. This is especially noticeable if you stop to criticize the habits that lead to self-destruction.

You're less likely to talk to each other - dinners are served in silence, conversation replaced watching television. Reducing the range of verbal communication is not a symptom of a broken marriage - often it is quite normal. Maybe one of the spouses, in principle, not too talkative. Bad mood or feeling can also be the cause of verbal "indifference". To have a theme for your own? need to constantly look for them - interested in hobbies, talk about love, the virtues of a loved one. Family communication - it is also an art.

Desire to be alone visited the couple about a year after living together - take each other's right to personal space, and you'll notice how the atmosphere in the family gradually returning to normal. And always discuss problems of any kind - only dialogue can be constructive.

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