The crises of family relationships

The crises of family relationships
 Creating a family, wife dream to live together for a long and happy life. Many people do it, but, unfortunately, not all. It's no wonder lawyers dealing with divorce, work does not become smaller. Family boat springs a leak or is sinking fast in the case where the relationship between relatives nullified as a result of insurmountable internal crises.
 Psychologists say that the family is going through crises every married couple, only one was able to successfully overcome the difficulties, while others do not find the strength and desire to understand what is happening and to make at least some effort to change the situation. It is said that every family goes through several stages of development, and the transition from one stage to another gives rise to certain tasks, without which it is impossible to live together.

The first family crisis usually occurs within the first year after the wedding. This is the time when each spouse as to remove his mask. Survivors of a whirlwind romance, young people suddenly begin to realize that each of them is not only the advantages, but also disadvantages with which they will have to put up with. They need to define the duties and responsibilities to each other. They must resolve the conflict between the personal and family needs and, of course, to achieve sexual harmony. Find a common language with a partner fails, alas, not for everyone. But if people really love each other, this crisis is overcome quite easily.

The second very important moment comes when the couple is born firstborn. What happens? The woman swallowed her baby, and her husband did not get the attention it had counted on. He is not satisfied sexually, finds his wife more deficiencies, and his wife was disappointed that meets support in child care. Gradually, the husband and wife grow apart: their interests (and often the level of development) no longer coincide. This crisis is overcome if the husband assumes the responsibility of the parent and the more time communicating with his family, and his other half finds the strength to look after themselves and develop as a person.

Serious family relationships undergo tests when the couple seems to have passed a lot together. Growing a normal child, and established way of life, communication, intimacy, reached a certain level of professional development, but ... bored. The monotony and boredom of living together often leads to a quest for something new, exciting imagination. If the spouses will understand that it is necessary to appreciate what they have, and find the strength to overcome the monotony, and this crisis will be left behind.

The most important crisis in the family occurs when the age of the spouses takes place forty years abroad. For a woman, it is a difficult period, because it is difficult to reconcile with the idea of ​​leaving youth, her health deteriorates, and often in nature. And her aged husband with fear begins to realize that nothing new life no longer give, and it is necessary to have time to take her at least something else. At this age, more than half of men marrying young girls. How to effectively deal with this crisis? Obviously, try to be interested in each other, keeping the young at heart. Any crisis is over, if interested in this two.

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