Remarriage. Again on the same rake?

Remarriage. Again on the same rake?
 A failed marriage and divorce can be considered part trial or even a life lesson. However, before you re-enter the marital union, should undertake a thorough job on the bugs and make sure that the lesson was learned.
 Not to step on the same rake, she married again, think about why there was not a married life before. You should not blame the ex-husband: as you would any hate to admit it, the destruction of marriage are often to blame for both. If you yourself can not understand what is wrong, try to talk about it with her ex-husband. If this does not work, refer to the psychologist: he not only help you analyze the situation, but also give valuable advice on remarriage.

Sometimes the error is the woman her choice, that she agreed to marry the wrong man. For example, some of the ladies think they can fix her husband after marriage, and re-take the alcoholics, sissy, gigolos, etc. The one that had once burned on it in the future should choose only reliable, loving, loyal man who is worth loving the way it is. Another error is related to the choice of a hasty decision: Sometimes a girl agrees to marry a man she did not love because of pressure from relatives or, even worse, to avenge other fans. Do not learn the lessons, some of them make the mistake again, she married the first counter immediately after a divorce just to spite the former spouse. It is unlikely that such a decision will lead to a successful outcome.

According to the observations of psychologists, people often instinctively choose partners with common features, and not always positive. For example, if a girl taught from childhood that the main man in the family and he can do anything, it is possible that it chooses a husband domineering man who would suppress her will, and perhaps even engage in physical abuse. If the marriage ended in divorce yet, it makes sense to take a closer look at the new boyfriend is there not in it the same despotism.

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