Leaving - leave, or Do I need to "preserve the family"?

Leaving - leave, or Do I need to "preserve the family"?
 When the future prospects of marriage cease to please, love goes, and it becomes obvious fact of the complete collapse of family life that is possible at any stage, gets a sharp and painful issue of the upcoming divorce. But not every solution comes to its logical conclusion, and suffers long and pointless delay, arousing in love once a pair of mutual hatred and contempt.

Most often, leaving her divorce from supposedly good purpose to keep the family going on because of the children. Considering that the separation of parents and established a complete change of life can adversely affect the psyche of the child, which, however, is true, the couple continue to live hopeless co-exist, without experiencing the slightest to this location.

And this decision is quite doubtful. After all, who knows what more would harm the child's mind - her parents' divorce and family breakdown or constant awareness that parents do not love each other, experiencing an overwhelming irritation to the whole situation, trying to live an isolated life and inevitably plagued reproaches. And if on one scale lies unhappy family, and the second - her absence, but the presence of prospects for each of the former spouses, there is definitely a healthier atmosphere would be the second option.

Even more difficult, as a rule, is a situation where one of the spouses, tormented by doubts, and being unable to make a single decision, leaves the family, and then, suddenly realizing its value is returned, leaving, however, hopes for permanence. Anguish experienced while his household, non-transferable. This surge of emotions, combining anger and grief, forgiveness and repentance, is able to shake even the most stable mind, and the memory of so unworthy episodes will not allow relationships to acquire former strength.

Indeed, the probability that after parting stop loving each other spouses in their lives may occur happy changes is quite large, while the remaining are still together in the hateful and, in fact, fictitious marriage, they do not have the right to hope for the best, voluntarily limiting their opportunities and hiding his true feelings under the guise of well-being ostentatious. Appreciate, love and keep each other.

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