Joint leave may zakonchitsya..razvodom

Joint leave may zakonchitsya..razvodom
 A change of scenery, have a "romantic trip" to spend a holiday tete-a-tete - all these are often advised to families in which the relations shaken. It is believed that a joint vacation can "warm up" cooled feelings for each other. But it happens and vice versa: holiday spent together, for many couples (even quite safe) is the first step to divorce. Why is this happening?

In ordinary life, the husband and wife spend with each other not so much time for an hour in the morning, going to work, and a few hours in the evening, plus the weekend, half engaged in economic affairs. Therefore, the need to carry out next to each other for days on end sometimes is for couples quite an ordeal. Especially because of situations that provoke quarrels and conflicts, on vacation a lot more than at home.

For example, jealousy. It is a man accidentally zasmotretsya on passing along the beach maiden scandal guaranteed. Or a different mode of the day: for example, the wife on vacation slept until noon, and her husband, angry bird for wasted morning. Or a different attitude to the process of travel: for example, the wife would like to go on a trip, and my husband prefers to lie on the beach, or even how to "hang out" in the bar (because tomorrow does not work). There may be financial "friction": some people tend to overspend on vacation left and right, and others, on the contrary, save every penny, once and so had to spend money on tickets or vouchers.

In this petty grievances against each other are able to accumulate and lead to a simple conclusion: "He ruined my entire vacation." Irritability and aggression are accumulated, the couple begin to count the days until the end of the long-awaited vacation. And the next step can be sure that not only spoiled vacation, but the whole life.

Should we be afraid of joint holidays and rest apart? Worth it. But if your family happiness - only an appearance. If feelings left, and holds you together just habit of living together and established way of life, the test around the clock communication can really put an end to your family life. But if you love binds, or at least mutual interest and respect, the holiday spent together will only strengthen your marriage.

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