Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis
 Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis - one of the most beautiful, happy and strong pairs in show business. They raise two children and, despite the fact that officially are not painted, enjoy a true family happiness, having retired from the world in his mansion in the south of France. There are few who know that the couple - secular person, here walk along the paths of goats, peace and quiet reigns, and conversations are about wine and cheese.

When Depp goes on shooting, Vanessa and the kids are always happy to accompany him. And if Paradis retreated to the studio to record a new single, Johnny gladly busy with children, jokingly telling that it had prepared for fatherhood fuss and worries about drunken cronies in his youth.

It's hard to imagine two more different people than home and shy, insecure Vanessa Paradis and eccentric brawler last boozer and heartthrob Depp. Vanessa loves the house and children, and Native American roots Depp makes him above all to put liberty.

Only Johnny was able to convince his beloved that she does not need makeup and plastic surgery to be irresistible. And Vanessa Johnny teaches not to be afraid of clowns. Depp adorn themselves with tattoos and collects stuffed animals, and Paradis paints on canvas and paper, keeps a diary and reads with delight detectives.

When Johnny and Vanessa met behind the actor has been married to stylist Lori Ellison and four failed marriage with the best of Hollywood beauties. Depp broke the heart of the young Winona Ryder and sophisticated a romance novel Kate Moss.

Depp and Paradis familiar were since 1994, but only 4 years later there was that same meeting in a Paris restaurant, when the actor came to the filming of "The Ninth Gate" by Roman Polanski. As he recalls Depp, the atmosphere of the hall, which included Paradis magically changed, and he immediately felt that his fate from that moment will change dramatically. It appeared the actor family and love to give meaning to the household life eternal wanderer and rebel Johnny.

Vanessa without a bit of doubt calls John was not only her lover, but also the most intimate and devoted friend. But the apotheosis of happiness in love was the birth of the light adorable Lily-Rose in 1999 and her son, Jack John Christopher three years later.

Officially become husband and wife Paradis and Depp plan when their children become a little older and can appreciate the beauty and importance of the ceremony. In a couple of grand plans for a three-day fun, this pirate wedding with music and dancing till you drop.

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