Husband householder - reality or fiction?

Husband householder - reality or fiction?
 Sometimes some men decide to change with their mate places and become the owner. At first, they even like it, but gradually interest in housekeeping for some reason falls.
 Change of roles has long been the norm in today's society, where you can often see women involved in men's work, and vice versa. In particular, not so long ago men invaded another field of activity, previously considered feminine. Male householder with joy leads house in order, bringing up children and shopping in stores.

There are several varieties of the householder. Landlord-athlete - reckless man who rests only on the couch, watching your favorite team play. He immediately explicitly states that when he looks a match, it is better not to distract. In that case, if you are such a statement is not satisfied, then plan in advance for this time different cases that can not be undone. Try to distract his attention switched to the household on the more important things.

Householder computer. He usually tries to quickly solve all economic questions, and then sit in front of the computer and looked at him his full attention. He lives in a virtual world, from which it is very difficult to get a reality. His desk littered with computer games? Then your landlord - the child, and not become an adult. It also happens that your partner uses a computer as earnings, creating a different kind of sites or being a freelancer, then, of course, your relationship will be based on a somewhat different principle.

In most cases, men are not satisfied with the role of a householder. Daily restore order in the house they gradually get tired, and they will be given more time watching TV or the internet. Another situation occurs if a man depends on the woman and her earnings. Here he has no other choice but to find a job that would bring home more income than his wife.

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