How to survive a divorce and infidelity

How to survive a divorce and infidelity
 Unfortunately, concepts such as "divorce" and "treason" are quite common in life. Each person experiences them differently, but usually with a heavy heart and a heavy heart. Still, we must find the strength to cope with this.  
 Try to leave the house more often, communicate with friends, family, but do not discuss with them the details of your past personal life. Let this theme will be "taboo". Make new acquaintances: sign up for some interesting courses, get a subscription to a fitness center or pool, etc.

Clean away all the things that remind you of the ex-husband: pictures of his stuff, gifts, etc. You can spend a peculiar ritual of getting rid of the last Gather his remaining unnecessary things, photos and burn them.

You can make a new repairs in the apartment, throw matrimonial bed and buy in its place a new, change the curtains, wallpaper, rearrange the furniture. The new life that you start, should not be developed in the former "scenery."

Start keeping a diary. Share with him all those, as you can not even tell her best friend, let it be for you a sort of "vest", which is always possible to "cry". By the way, psychologists recommend this method of "mining" stressful situations.

It is not necessary to indulge in all serious, begin to abuse alcohol or drugs, one after the other to change sexual partners. This will not prove anything to anyone, and only bring more problems in their lives. Especially, having fallen to such bottoms, you are sure to hear from compassionate people what your ex did the right thing threw a wife.

Be able to maintain pride in every situation, and that there did not speak evil tongues, that you left her husband, does not mean that you - a bad wife. Many men do not appreciate what they have, but a taste of something new, often returning with pleas for forgiveness to former spouses.

Engage in self-development, love yourself. Pay attention to their appearance (beauty treatments are like, go figure, update wardrobe), fill their internal content: broadens the mind, read informative literature, learn something new, get a decent hobby.

Change the job if you do not like, change the image, do not be afraid to start a new life: look around yourself, certainly among your friends and acquaintances have someone who you nice. Do not refuse to go on a date, but do not rush, do not rush things, it is worth a good look at the man, to draw certain conclusions. Because now you - a woman with experience.

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