How to keep your family

How to keep your family
 The crisis of family relations occurs for different reasons. In order to solve the outstanding problems and keep your family, you need to remember that unites you all these years. It is important that both partners were interested in preserving the marriage. Only in this way will be able to overcome the difficulty.
 Having lived in a marriage for several years, many people are beginning to realize that they love their spouse is much less than before. Feelings gradually grow cold. And in their place come the ever-growing discontent and dissatisfaction with family life. In some cases this complex of problems can be much wider.

In order to keep your family, you need to carefully analyze the situation. This procedure should take place in a friendly atmosphere. Any criticism and recriminations have to politely stop.

The first step is to establish the causes of discord in the family. For convenience, they are easier to be divided into domestic and psychological. Then let each of the spouses will list all the features of the behavior of his companion that he was not satisfied. Often people are not even aware that some of their actions are annoying relatives.

To negative impressions are not entrenched in the minds of couples, you need to give them to fill the list of positive qualities. You must specify all, even the smallest good character traits spouse.

Then it is necessary to fix a positive attitude with the help of good memories of their life together. You can immerse yourself in this pleasant atmosphere, viewing wedding photos, or ask each spouse to tell the most touching story related to their marriage.

When both husband and wife realize that good in their life together was more to convince them of the necessity of compromise. Change your habits is extremely difficult, especially in adulthood. But they have all the chances to regain the family fortune. To this end, the couple just need to learn to hear and understand each other, learn to forgive and from time to time to yield.

Random acts of kindness, caring, patience, small gifts and tokens will help improve the emotional atmosphere in the house. A daily work together to improve the relationship will help keep the family together.

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