How to get rid of scandals

How to get rid of scandals
 In the family, even between the most loving spouses arise from time to time certain differences that need to be solved somehow. Some couples redress the conflicts without too much difficulty, but some, on the contrary, immediately begin to make trouble, not wanting to compromise their principles.
 As can be seen quarreling spouses settle down, and their relations are returning to normal, but only for the time being. Disputed nature of the relationship is fixed, and later turns into endless verbal, psychological and sometimes physical duel between two loving people. Each subsequent "debriefing" becomes the next exacerbation of chronic disease called "conflict marriage." The main reason for this is the inability or unwillingness of both partners to behave in conflict resolution and to leave with dignity conflicting field. Of course, this is not only possible but also need to learn - it would wish.

First of all, stop to take your soul mate as an enemy. Even if your relationship is poor, it does not follow that the blame only one person. As long as you take your own wife as an enemy, which is necessary to achieve victory humiliate and break your relationship does not improve, you will not learn how to calm resolve conflicts.

Stop considered heartless tyrant partner and yourself - the injured party. In the end, and your conscience can find a lot of actions, toxic family atmosphere. Try to pay more attention and respect her husband as a person and as an interlocutor. Find the strength and patience ever hear it to the end without interrupting and inserting caustic comment.

Be sure to show your willingness to listen and hear the partner: ask clarifying questions, ask again. If he sees that you are trying to understand it, are open to dialogue, he will believe in what you are really interested in solving the conflict by peaceful means, and will behave more appropriately.

Learn to make compromises and concessions. If the issues are small and insignificant, does not necessarily persist in defending their own point of view. In principle the same points should be no perseverance and fortitude, trying not pereorat spouse, and to convince the point of view.

Learn to talk constructively, rather than bicker. If the husband says, we should not simply wait out when he finished his speech, and listen to the meaning of what he is trying to convey to your consciousness. Perhaps his desires and requirements are not meaningless, and they are not that difficult or pointless, as you might think.

It is not necessary to contrive such a conversation at an inopportune time, otherwise the outcome will be very productive. Just tell partner that you want to seriously talk to him and ask him to choose the time. Only one that you take a step on the way to a compromise of family conflicts.

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