How to choose a husband

How to choose a husband
 Exit zamuzh- natural desire of women. And when she meets a man who touched her heart, of course, does not want to lose time and start to think about a hike to the registrar. However, there is a danger that the marriage can be "married" to it did not pay attention to the behavior of your chosen one.

Helpless dandelion

If you need support, solid shoulder and male hands in the house - check your potential husband on the ability to handle a hammer, drill and other male "bells and whistles". If you see that he does not know where to insert the drill bit, or instead has a finger nail - it becomes clear that in the house of man's duties will carry you. Think about this if you expect from a future spouse and wish to be a "man" in the house. It was only after careful consideration of this problem solve - whether it's your option.

Permanent unemployed

One of the components of a happy family life - stability. And one of its "bricks" - a stable job and salary spouses. If your candidate for a husband is always in search of work, and sometimes not very willing to look for it, and prefer odd jobs or "shoot" friends money while you are at all the financial burdens - this is clearly not an option for a happy marriage. Such a man graciously passed on to you all the duties getter and will graciously accept your concern - and you at this time going to plow two jobs and homes. You imagine a happy family life? Doubtful.

Othello nowadays

Jealousy - from time to time - a nice seasoning makes the relationship more sharply. However, all is good in moderation - and when jealousy goes all sorts of boundaries - this is becoming a problem. Over time, this feeling in your man can develop into aggressive pathology, and you will not be allowed to communicate with her friends, then with relatives, out of the house, talking on the phone and so on. Would you like to be under the total control - your business. But in most cases painful jealousy indicates that the man himself modifies or has a large complexes in self-esteem. And then, and more - exhausting and makes life miserable.

Dependent wimp

Dependence indicates a weak will power and desire to get away from the problems of real life. Whatever it was - alcohol, drugs, computer games, all it takes people from the real world to the virtual, and neither you nor the family he will not be the time or the desire. It is much nicer to be in a daze or in the virtual world, where there are no problems and he - the hero defeating enemies, but in real life it may be weak, insecure man. If you think that after the wedding, he changed it or you re - you are mistaken.

Aggressive male

Yes, a man by nature are more aggressive than women. But this does not mean that they are allowed to dismiss his hands and engage in physical abuse. If your partner provokes you to the scandal, mocking, insult, humiliate your dignity, and beats - he obviously mentally ill. It can not be helped and did not correct - you can only stay away from this type.

If you think that it is impossible to find the ideal man - you're right. But that does not mean that you need to marry the first man who made you an offer. Remember - you have one life and spend it on the satellite can not be unworthy.

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