How to build a successful marriage

How to build a successful marriage
 Foundation of the family - love. Feeling, without which it can not be a happy marriage. But it is not always one of love enough to marriage was strong and successful. On family relationships need to work, there have been no doubt in the fact that next to you is the closest and the right person.
 With the stamp in the passport, nothing has changed drastically. But at the same time feel an even greater responsibility for their partner than before the wedding. Be prepared for the fact that in the future you need to think not only about their feelings and desires, but also listen to the words of her husband. Accept the fact that you do not have individually, you are now a family, and then work hard to become a successful marriage, you need together, hand in hand.

Try to please their partner. Do not be selfish in a relationship. The fact that you're a girl, does not mean that you should not have signs of attention to the man. Representatives of the stronger sex also need a nice surprise though hardly talk about it out loud. Arrange a romantic evening, give nice presents, saying her husband compliments. Such actions not only cheer up both of you, but will not let get away from the romantic relationship.

Learn to stop in time during an argument. Avoid disorders in family life is almost impossible, because when two people live near, they may well not converge views on this or that situation. Try not to give vent to his emotions during a dispute. Teach yourself to listen to a partner and analyze his words.

Understand that in any quarrel blame both. When you take this simple rule, you will be easier to look at the dispute from the side. Analyzing the conflict situation, try to understand what your husband was not happy. After all, it is possible that you, too, were wrong. Do not wait until suitable partner to apologize, do it first. Do not waste time on empty insults.

Trust each other. Without trust, it is impossible to build a successful marriage. Be prepared for the fact that people around can say something about your husband. Do not believe every word from the side. If these rumors really make you doubt, talk to your partner. If your relationship from the outset will be full of sincerity and frankness, you can not worry about what marriage fortress anything threatening.

Dear Parents and relatives of each other. Do not let yourself rude remarks in their direction, even if you have something not satisfied. Before placing caustic comment, put yourself in the place of her husband. It is unlikely that you will be pleased if he would vote against the unflattering your mother or any other family member. Respect the feelings of the partner. Be the support and protection for each other, learn to listen and hear, and together you can build a successful marriage.

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