Family or career?

Family or career?
 Everyone in his life faced with the need to take more than a dozen important decisions. And often they are associated with certain steps in his way - graduation, wedding, a baby. In particular, many women will sooner or later have to decide for themselves the question - family or career? Several variants of the answer, and they all have their right to exist.  

Contrary to the apparent logic, this is not the situation dvuhalternativnogo choice. Furthermore, there is no selection takes place of the three and five their answers. And the first of them - the family. Do I need to devote themselves to the care of only the husband and children, ensuring order and other household responsibilities? Yes, of course. But there are a few but. For this choice, you must first feel the inclination to do this work. In addition, it is desirable to have in such a decision to support (or even push him) family. And before you settle on a choice of family, answer for himself the question: Are you ready to find the strength to not lock up the house, deep in pots and pans, but to find the strength and time to develop, educate ourselves, grooming? If you can not drown in everyday life? And if you believe in a positive answer, feel free to stop on this variant.

Or do you choose a career? This is also a good solution, but for those who want to realize their potential in the active labor force. Should try to realize that form a family because it is accepted - is causing irreparable harm to their lives and the lives of the chosen life of your unborn baby. You do not have to, do not have to have a husband. It is not spelled out in any law not set out in the axioms. And even if we try to apply to such concepts as the benefit of society, the more you bring it, from achieving their potential in that niche, which feel successful than forcing yourself to refuse to work and trying to start a family, which with high probability disintegrate or be unhappy.

Third, is also quite obvious option - and career, and family. Difficult? Yes I Am. But it is possible. You will have to prepare for the challenges, but at the same time if you are able to cope and competently priorities for each day, you get out of life is really all that is possible. Yes, of course, extremely difficult to simultaneously play the role of a successful business woman and a great hostess. But he who believes that this is impossible, absolutely wrong. We just have to find the strength and desire to do everything, and then everything will turn out. Much more time you spend searching and listing the reasons why you can not succeed in both niches.

So, the three options, the three solutions. But we talked about five. What's left? Remained compromise path. Namely - the first family, then a career or career first, then family. Variants of heavy and confusing: plan your life for years to come thankless and is associated with a high degree of risk and even adventurism. Focusing on the first embodiment, think: what degree of certainty can you say that over the years will be of interest to employers? In the same way, and in the second case: if you can create your own happiness, to be ready to conceive a child? And here it is necessary to be especially careful. Yes, many people today give birth in 40 years. But what will be the twenty-year young man sixties have parents? Can you find the strength to overcome the age barrier and open passions of the young generation?

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