10 of the rules of marriage, which can disrupt

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 Hollywood movies and romance novels taught modern girls how to behave happy family man, and that spouses are required to do, and that is strictly forbidden. But the reality is far from the ideal image of the family.

1.You can lie.
And though it is contrary to all our moral principles say absolutely the truth its second half is not necessary. Why injure the feelings and hurt him quite unnecessary detail.

2.Ssory not lead to divorce.
It is a hidden resentment can lead to family breakdown. Better to give vent to their negative emotions than ever to remain silent.

3.Deti - not a reason to forget about her husband.
Children should not always be in the first place. It is in the family where there is love and understanding can grow really happy children.

4.Miritsya in bed can be.
In need to go to bed just in a good mood and forget about all the problems and current during the day troubles.

5.You can sleep separately.
If you need to sleep, you can afford to sleep in another room. Psychologists say that separate sleep helps keep the relationship and family.

6.Nelzya be together all the time.
Rest separately necessary. While your spouse go fishing or bowling with your friends, you can go to a beauty salon or take a walk with her friends.

7.Suprugi may have different hobbies.
It is not necessary to share with her husband all his hobbies. If my husband likes to play chess, you can spend time after another favorite pastime.

8.Skuke - yes!
In marriage, you must keep calm, measured and safe life than constantly go up and fall down. If you're bored, you just need to spend vacation filled with adventure. Boredom can not cause the collapse of the family, but the constant shake can easily lead to divorce.

9.Seks is the basis of marital happiness.
Sex should not be a reward for one of the partners. Foundation of a happy marriage can only be harmonious and desired sex for both partners.

10.Lyubov goes, but the family remains.
The basis of a strong marriage - trust, respect, understanding and stability. A passion and love, unfortunately, will not last forever.

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