Young family: a brief guide on

Young family: a brief guide on
 Unbiased statistics show that 70% of marriages breaks up, and about 40% of them in the first 4 years after the wedding, ie namely in young families probability of divorce is the highest. Of course, there are objective reasons why this is happening, so they should take into consideration before you head to the registry office to apply for marriage registration.

The first and the main problem is the young family housing problem. Even if housing conditions allow someone from parents count on them not really worth it. This "hostel" is difficult to live young and parents - too different lifestyles, its mode and tempo. In addition, parents will continue to treat you like children and they will be right - you're not so independent that live in them. All this is fraught with constant insults and quarrels.

The best option would be to buy an apartment on the mortgage, but it provides a certain level of material wealth, but it is not every young family. We can only rent an apartment, but this option has its drawbacks - the constant expectation that the hosts can not extend the contract, transfers and lack of a sense of ownership cozy "nest", which will only grow worse with the advent of children.

One of the problems young family becomes inability to plan their spending. This leads to the fact that in the best case, the couple are living from paycheck to paycheck, and at worst - are beginning to live in debt. Eternal lack of money for essentials and salaries, leaving creditors could provoke more than one family scandal on the topic: "Where's the money, Zin ?! ". A couple of scandals - and the statement submitted to the registrar.

Another reason for the divorce can be a common household problem, the existence of which you never knew existed, living with his parents. For some reason, the question of who will wash the dishes or endure the garbage becomes equivalent to the question: "Do you love me? ". Can facilitate homework, owning a full set of appliances, but in this case, the question of who will load or pull the dishes or the laundry in the washing machine or dishwasher, still acutely will be on the agenda.

This is perhaps the main reason for divorce, but it does not mean that they are insurmountable. If you are willing to compromise and not to make disputes and quarrels over nothing, will not attempt to alter the half, forcing her opinion, will be ready always to support each other and to discuss emerging issues, then you will have a chance to enter the 30% of people who have lived together on the wedding day to the end of life.

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