Women's and men's desires fears

Women's and men's desires fears
 Ideal family has always been considered to be a single organism. But no matter how great and can be ruthless internal conflict if their willingness and ability are not the same.

The fact that women's desire for a man to be equivalent to the unquestionable law always said philosophers and poets, beginning, perhaps, since ancient times. But it is worth considering how this postulate relevant today. Most likely, the pursuit of gender equality in modern society in a fair measure erased faces and shifted over the years established accents, but this special importance of women's desires are not too damaged. Indeed, any self-respecting man, despite the cynicism and nihilism present time, considers it his duty to be attentive and accommodating in all that relates to the wishes of his beloved.

But we know that in every aspect of family life is important, first of all, measure, and therefore insatiable desires and whims of women given birth only rejection and just indignation legitimate spouses. And when the situation begins to resemble too obviously blatant tyranny at home, conflict is inevitable.

But if we consider a more peaceful worldly situation, the women's desires are inherently with the desire of men to fulfill them adequately. At this point, it is very important for men to realize their potential and experience, in order not to be tormented by the fear of worthlessness. After all, sometimes even minor whims ladies go far enough to sow doubt in a man's soul and complexes.

The most interesting is that this situation applies to virtually all areas of family life. However, the most serious contradictions arise on the basis of intimacy, as there is for men are more responsible and painful moments than inconsistency in bed, while women desire may extend as far as desired. In this case, by the appearance of a man naturally fears and concerns, acting on his mind the most destructive ways. As for the other issues, and a variety of everyday situations can give rise to a number of a man fears to show itself incompetent or clumsy, which does not contribute to the harmony of marriage.

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