Why is there sexual disharmony in a marriage?

Why is there sexual disharmony in a marriage?
 As the findings of opinion polls, the average married couple Russians after 5 years of marriage, sex pays an average of 2-3 minutes per week. A lot of couples living together for many years, generally perceived marital sex as dull duty. However, once again transform the intimacy in the greatest pleasure you can, you just have to understand, which is why there was sexual disharmony.

Sexual desires and ways of their implementation in men and women are very different. For women is of particular importance intimacy with a sexual partner, tenderness and affection. Men in this regard are simpler - they are quite short, but strong stimulation 2-3 most sensitive areas of the body. Therefore foreplay often looks like this: a man a woman showering gentle kisses (doing what she wanted to get back), and the man vigorously stimulates 2-3 points on the body of the partner, which considers the most erogenous (doing what he himself would have liked) .

Unfortunately, most women are ready to discuss with their husbands all the world, but not the problems in sexual relationships. You can at least try to shower loved petting and then whisper: "I want the same." But women prefer a man to himself all guessed. If it does not, the woman is lying down and only tolerated until man "finished firing." However, some spouses to make her husband a pleasant and not look like frigid portray the fun and expressive groan.

However, husbands still able to understand what they see: a real passion or delivered excellent performance. Often this understanding comes at an unconscious level, however, the husband clearly feels that in a relationship there is any disharmony. In general silence about what actions men during sex do not enjoy, no one needs. This sacrifice in vain, because normal sexual relations should bring mutual pleasure.

Another common cause of problems in sex is a different amount of time required for excitation. Man is able to be excited for a couple of minutes, and the woman sometimes half an hour is not enough. This means that the husband should be patient and to bring his wife to the desired level of excitement. A woman at the same time you need to relax: if it will adjust itself, most likely, the mood to have sex at all is completely lost.

Incidentally simultaneous orgasm, which can be observed in most erotic movies, is fiction filmmakers. In ordinary life, a phenomenon also occurs, but it is not a mandatory feature of high-quality sex. The main thing that both spouses have received their portion of pleasure.

Sometimes it happens that the desire for intimacy is lost. But do not worry, and force yourself to portray passion. Usually reluctance to have sex due to fatigue or problems at work. Wait and passion she returns. If it does not, the problem is much deeper. Maybe your spouse is not interested in you or as a person, not as a sexual partner.

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