What is fraught with early marriage

What is fraught with early marriage
 Ideas about the permissible age for marriage at different times and in different nations were very different. However, as experience shows, the most strong and happy families created by people who have attained primarily emotional and social maturity. And in 18-20 years you can usually only rely on physical maturity. Therefore, young people who have entered into early marriage, face many challenges.

Typically, the most acute problem of early marriage is the inability of a young family to support themselves independently. Few of the young newlyweds has a stable and well-paid jobs, own homes. As a result, many people came into early marriage, forced to live on the same housing with parents and even in the whole or in part of their software. In most cases, such cohabitation leads to quarrels and controversies.

Another problem of early marriage is the unwillingness of young people to family life. This could include the inability to manage and family budget, and the clash with everyday problems, and different views on the allocation of responsibilities. This unwillingness stems from the fact that many young people are often different children's perceptions of many aspects of life, so they are not ready for the problems and difficulties, which carries a marriage.

Potential problems often contain the circumstances and causes of early marriage. A striking example - early marriage due to unintended pregnancy. Born child will need a lot of attention. And for new parents, this means a sharp restriction of freedom and a new responsibility. Not every young married couple is able to adequately pass through this test.

But if an unplanned pregnancy is still a perfectly adequate reason for early marriage, many other arguments are inherently not immature. This could include the following reasons: the desire to free himself from parents dream off in a white dress, "legalization" of physical intimacy, inability to distinguish sexual desire awakened by love. Of course, a marriage made from similar motives, is unlikely to last long.

But are all so really bad? Of course, the disadvantages of early marriage necessarily need to be taken into account. But do not forget that there are also advantages of early marriages.

The main advantage of early marriages is that young people are much easier to adapt to each other, the more mature. In 18-20 years, personality traits usually are not yet fully formed, so the husband and wife in many areas are ready to meet each other. As a result quickly and easily produced compatibility spouses.

Another advantage of early marriages is that young people are born more healthy and strong children. By the way, as for women, the birth of a child in the 18-20 years for them quite profitable even in terms of professional growth. A few years later, when the child is not going to require much attention, she can safely pursue a career. At the same time, most of her peers will only think about the birth of a child.

But most importantly, what to look for when marriage is not counting the pros and cons, and the presence of this strong and love. If young people associate exactly the feeling all the difficulties can be overcome.

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