What is a civil marriage

What is a civil marriage
 The term "civil marriage" in our time accepted interpreted as cohabitation, but in fact it has a completely different meaning. Due to differences in interpretation are often confusion and misunderstandings.
 Civil marriage in common is called a situation where the lovers not only live under the same roof, but also have a common household, create a family budget, etc..n.In short, doing the same thing as married couples without registering at the same time their relationship in the registry office. In fact, from the point of view of the law is nothing more than a mere cohabitation and civil marriage - a relationship between a man and a woman have been duly registered in the government without the intervention of the Church. Thus, this term is opposite to the term "religious marriage", meaning a religious sacrament, the bride and groom compound according to the canons of the Church. Controversy interpretation of one and the same concept is of particular importance. The townsfolk equate civil marriage to live together in love and contrast it registered in the registry office relations. Lawyers, on the other hand, diluted the term "civil marriage" and "cohabitation".

So, from the point of view of the Russian language, as well as legal, civil marriage should be called a relationship between a man and a woman, officially registered in the registry office without the participation of the church. Spouses, unlike boyfriends, get not only a new status, but also the special rights and duties that may be settled by the law, as well as the marriage contract.

Apparent contradictions in the interpretation of the term attributed primarily to the fact that nowadays civil marriage became the only form of officially registered relationship between a man and a woman, as the sacraments are no longer valid from the point of view of jurisprudence. The terms "civil marriage" and a "marriage" have become synonymous, and the people have given one of them a new value.

 In pre-revolutionary Russia, the controversial term now opposed the concept of "church" as a non-sectarian institution of marriage in those days was absent. When the state was separated from the church, it arrogated to itself the right to regulate and legalize the relationship between lovers, so that civil marriage is completely supplanted religious.

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