The big difference: the age of the spouses

The big difference: the age of the spouses
 "Love for all ages" - the word classic as an excuse to fly from the mouth of the "young" that put signature on the marriage certificate, when he was late forties, and she was barely twenty happened. Around whisper and gossip: led on wealth, position ...

So after all, unequal marriage - what is it? Love and desire for the more experienced, unworldly satellite or naked calculation and the desire of the "rags to riches"? Probably, the answer is simple to banality: marriages are different motives and spouses too.

Need to look at the union and try to understand what the young girl could attract a man much older than herself? How not to hurt, but most will say it is just a cold calculation, no feelings, no, at least, respect.

Psychologists determine another category: girl, choosing a life partner, looks for the father, which she lacked. Both of these assumptions are entitled to life, but often there is a situation when the girl, leaving a man much older than herself well and has achieved remarkable parents. Here it is worth considering: a can really 'love for all ages "? And this choice means only that it was with him she was interested in it, she sees that same stone wall that could protect her from all adversity.

Do not forget that a woman - a representative of the fairer sex, and she wants to be sure the man with whom she was going to start a family, and peers in most cases are themselves in need of protection. The man with life experience, has learned a lot on the way, always itself will take, warn warn about possible errors. His attitude toward the young wife is also a gentle, reverent. He will feel responsible for both of them. And with the advent of a man multiply children love.

If everything is so great, then what is the model of an ideal marriage? Statistics show that such marriages are no more stable. After all, in addition to a family, it should be able to keep. Mutual respect, understanding and dedication are accomplices of family happiness. After all, if one is at the heart of marriage was not calculated, and strong arm, even after many years a man will remain strong, reliable support for his half, and a woman - a responsive and loyal friend. And none of the others will remember the great difference in age.

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