Sissy: the diagnosis of "domestic impotence"

Sissy: the diagnosis of "domestic impotence"
 Any sane mother loves her child. But in that excessive maternal love and care can result if the child - a son, and his age is approaching 30 years?

Sissy - this guy, man, as an adult still dependent on maternal care. Mama's boy have a very strong emotional connection to their mothers, and almost always in need of their support: the approval of any undertakings consolation.

At first glance, recognize the sissy is sometimes very difficult. It can be elegantly dressed, succeed at work, drive your own car and everything else that is characteristic also of ordinary men.

The same applies to home furnishing mama's boy - they can be reworked dishes, wash clothes, things are hung in a closet neat house free of dust, in the refrigerator contains all the necessary products.

It seems everything is almost perfect, and it seems quite normal and independent man. But if you look into the apartment of the man in a couple of days, it can already be found in the sink dirty dishes and indelible underwear.

Looking after two or three days, we can see that dirty dishes and clothes increased, the dust has collected, fridge slowly empties.

Monday. The beginning of a new week. He again no dirty dishes to wash all the laundry, cleaned the house and a fridge full of fresh produce. What happened? Personal schedule, in which he is engaged in household chores at the weekend? No, it's much easier - my mother came to him.

And this cycle many mama's boy continues, but only at varying intervals.

A man can succeed at work, but to be completely broken off by hand at home, because as a child he most likely was raised only by women (mother, grandmother, sister). Leading role here, of course, often plays the mother. Such excessive female guardianship and care for a long time creates a certain type of male consciousness. It is these men in society is called mama's boy.

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