When a woman marries, in addition to her husband, she often receives and his mother. Relationships-in-law can arise in different ways. It can become a friend of the bride or rival, fierce enemy or a second mother.

With respect to the two women are very much depends on how to behave daughter what to say, what to do things. Most often, the conflicts between the mother-in-law and is female jealousy.

Mom may be jealous of his son to his daughter, because before all his attention and love belonged only to her. And now the son is no longer speaking to her for advice, less talking to her and does not tell about their experiences.

The daughter may be jealous of her husband's mother in law because she wants all his spare time he spent alone with her mother and only occasionally telephoned. If in fact it is not so, and the son is still too attached to his mother, and there appears to jealousy.

There is only one way out. Both women need to recognize that their attention man now divides between them both, and do not compete for the right to "wholehearted owning" them.

Another stumbling block in-law becomes a way of life, if the couple lives with her mother of her husband. Young housewife came to the family, where there are already existing features of farming, which it is not always satisfied.

To avoid conflicts, daughter does not need to all be skeptical. Should just listen to the advice of her mother in law about farming, and then decide what could be changed and what to leave as is. Better not to swear, but in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss all critical moments and find a solution.

Relationships-in-law can also be damaged due to the difference of approaches to child-rearing. Modern views on this issue are very different from those that were in the older generation. Here the problem of a young mother-in-law to explain the pros and cons of its relation to education. If necessary, give grandmother read scientific papers or other literature, to tell you about new products, labor-saving parents, and show how to use them.

We must not forget that in-law is also a woman who needs care and love. Like any other mother, she still required to take care of people close to her.

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