Psychological dependence on wife

Psychological dependence on wife
 Psychological dependence on a spouse may eventually become a real problem. You can lose yourself as a person. You just will not stay their interests and hobbies. Well, if such a sacrifice would be appreciated. And if not?

Love and obsession with love - these two concepts are completely different in nature. Lovingly called close relationship of the two free people. The relationship should be able to have fun, to give a loved one the care and joy. At the same time remain an interesting personality, with its own desires and interests. Love for her husband begins with self-love. Self-esteem, high self-esteem - it is these qualities help to create real relationships based on love.

Psychological dependence on a loved one is a very painful process. As a rule, a partner with the time simply ceases to respect you. Your self-denial and attempts to please her husband in everything makes you not a full-fledged partner and servant and maid. The situation is aggravated by the fact that you'll have to wait a certain return for his loyalty. But from the good deed goes unpunished, and you will be extremely disappointed that feel no return.

Over time, trying to get the approval of her husband at any cost will deliver him only irritation. He will no longer see you as the woman he had once sought. Such a relationship sooner or later must end, and you are surprised to find that your efforts have led to the divorce.

The reasons for this behavior in women may be different. Starting with children's problems and finishing own complexes. It often happens that a woman understands the essence of what is happening, but just can not bring himself. Working on yourself is a difficult, sometimes painful process. Their own mistakes is difficult to assess and correct. In such situations, the best solution would be to hike to a psychologist for professional help.

Appreciate yourself and what you do for a husband. Let relationship in marriage bring you joy and pleasure. Learn to be selfish, sometimes it helps.

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