My husband - a workaholic

My husband - a workaholic
 Men - workaholics are almost never at home, they leave early and later returned. And even on weekends workers decide the case. Of course, a rare wife like this behavior of her husband. In order to somehow change the situation, first of all try to understand what type of workaholics belongs to your spouse.

Workaholic - knight, warrior, a fighter. He has a stunning goal, the exact plans for its implementation. This goal - the meaning of his life, happiness. Jobs - albeit to a complete fatigue and loss of pulse - gives him pleasure, as a climber - the conquest of the summit.

Your jealousy, resentment, complaints are useless. After all, it turns out that you do not respect the ideals of her husband do not want to understand and maintain. Make sure that your knight felt your faithful companion, the source of his power. He needs to know that the house waiting for him on his victory as a hunter with a trophy. And then he will seek to go home to his wife, pomoshnitsa, ally.

Another type of workaholic - a fugitive. Work for him - a way to escape from the problems of family responsibilities.
Most likely, this work he has quite a bit, he just pretends to be terribly busy, but actually sits on the Internet or chatting about football and fishing with colleagues. Try to create a comfortable home, welcoming atmosphere. And convinces her husband that without his help you will be gone, that he - your savior, protector, without it you like without hands. The result did not take long - the fugitive back.

Very often forced to become workaholics, not for the sake of self-realization, success, fame, and for the sake of salary. You need to feed the family, think about the future of children, it is necessary to protect them financially. And in this case, in vain to reproach her husband that he was not paying attention to you. He is working for you, for the sake of the family.

So do not complain and try to help the mentally spouse. And do not forget to thank. Then your husband will be much easier to perform routine business, it will work calmly and be glad that you support it.

Yes, workaholic deeply flawed: almost all of his time, he does not pay you, but work on it all his conversations; at the wrong time the phone rings - and the husband takes off and flies all there too - for work.

But remember, in addition to cons workaholics there are many advantages. Thanks to the hard work of her husband provided your family, financially stable - this is very important for stable family relationships.

Also excluded betrayal hard-working spouse (how could he take the time on them?). Finally, knowing how you value and support its work at your occupations workaholic husband also react with understanding and respect.

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