My husband - a foreigner

My husband - a foreigner
 A girl who wants to marry a foreigner, usually tormented lot of fears ... Different countries, dissimilar culture and national characteristics of the future spouse scare even the bravest of the fair sex.
 If you plan to combine marriage with a foreigner or have married him, you need to consider some features of living together with this man:

If you live in Russia, occasionally it will "pull the homeland."

After the wedding, you are left to live in Russia? But the man grew up in another country, where his parents live, and relatives and friends ... Of course, from time to time it will be sad to reminisce about his home town and the park in which he walked as a child. So do not let his desire to go to visit relatives and see homes. Even if you do not want to go with him, release him alone - he will be grateful to you for this understanding. In addition, during the separation you will have time to miss each other, and the meeting will be hot.

With a difference in the national mentality and culture of the two countries will have to either put up or take remedial action.

The first thing you are complaining wife foreigners - cultural differences are significant differences in outlook. If you live in a foreign country, do not be afraid to go out, to communicate with other people - otherwise you will never learn to understand their way of life and beliefs. Or do you have a lifetime to sit at home, communicating only with her own husband ... Along the way, read the local newspapers and magazines, visit museums and exhibitions, communicate with their neighbors. Do not hesitate to ask them about the features of living, national dishes and interesting shops.

Language barrier - to overcome!

If you do not know the native language of the spouse, it certainly creates enormous difficulties in communication, of course, there are plenty of couples in which the universal language is English, while the wife says in Russian, and her husband, for example, in Spanish. However, as you will talk to his parents and friends? Or read signs on stores, navigate the names of streets and talking on the phone? Therefore, if there are such problems, immediately after the marriage begin to learn the language on their own or through language courses.

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