Men complexes and family happiness

Men complexes and family happiness
 It is considered that only because of the complexes and female stereotypes are crumbling family. However, there are a lot of notorious men who are afraid not meet his wife. As a result, drink too much, dare to commit adultery, and even completely leave the family. So what are the male complexes are capable of permanently break the family fortune?

One of the most common systems are deemed irrelevant title of "man." Still in diapers mom and dad "hammered" in the minds of the boys simple phrase - "Men do not roar! "" You're a boy, be strong! "" A man should always go ahead! ". And if all of a sudden it happens that in a married couple's wife is much stronger than her husband earns more than him, all she does at home, smarter and wiser man starts complexes and their own hands to ruin a family.

Midlife crisis - this is a special period in the life of a man, at this time especially clearly manifested complexes men who can hurt family happiness. Men after 30 years begin to look back and think more and more about what they could do, to achieve, to create. Begins an inexorable race for sexual experience, dedication to career search wasted friends. The family seemed relegated to second or even a third plan. Happiness is crumbling.

The complex of powerlessness - is another common reason to harm the family happiness. A fairly common set of powerlessness is the fear of impotence. It seems to be afraid there is nothing - in fact there are no visible symptoms. But experience in this regard, insomnia, and as a result - reduction of sexual power. A similar impotence can be shifted to the physical, mental work, work, and even drink.

And finally, another variety of male complexes - is unattractive. Baldness, loss of masculinity or fitness level, the small size, age, and many others recognize the signs of external unattractiveness can seriously affect the confidence of men. Subsequently, the husband begins to assert itself in other plans, for example, in a career and a family of carefree happiness can be forgotten.

Thus, many men systems have a major impact on family relationships. A woman should try to help her husband cope with his existing complexes to keep the family and their own happiness!

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