Men's problems in family life

Men's problems in family life
 Despite the fact that men often hide a lot and not everything they say, they can also be problems associated with family life. These should be taken carefully, even if they are often the differences between male and female sex. Better time to try to determine the cause of the problem, despite the proud man's silence until he finally got tired of all not.

The most common problem - sex. Men are also often concerned about the seemingly extinct feelings. A woman can not completely ignore it. This is the kind of crisis that it is important to overcome together. Sex-men sometimes judge the level of passion between the partners and the emotions that have certainly stayed. Deciding the crisis in family life opens up new horizons, again light up old feelings.

The second problem that requires attention - erection (or other diseases associated with urogenital function). You should never omit the jokes to the men, if he started with health problems - it will knock any of the rut. It is important to help in healing, support, and do not run "left" because of the lack of sex. Sooner or later all men start problems of this nature, and there is no place for jokes, it is important to overcome it together.

The third problem - men think that women talk too much. The male brain is sometimes simply not able to handle the entire flow of seemingly unnecessary and unstructured information. Although the woman thinks all her speeches are quite amusing stories. The opposite problem - a woman says little. This is bad if her statements are directed toward Him and are negative.

Men think that women do not know how to handle money. Instead of spending money on material things serious, women spend money on various treatments, makeup and clothes. Breadwinner this may ruffle. Dissatisfaction with this paragraph also plays a big role.

Talk with your loved one, if you feel that he's not telling. Do not try it, but just talk, no matter what the topic. And then wake up kind of trust, a man will tell about their problems. And if they do not let you know that this support will help him cope with all the difficulties in life. The main thing - to be together. And all will turn out.

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