Love scenarios ideal relationship

Love scenarios ideal relationship
 In every situation has its own script, which originally spelled out all the roles and staging. Of course, there are many scenarios of love and family relationships. Here are just some of them.

Scenario №1. Subcontracting.

If one of the spouses, for example, has a specialty accountant, and the second is going to do business or have already opened their own business, the relationships that have emerged on the basis of professional interests may be in the future and the foundation for a strong and happy family. Trust your partner, mutual responsibility and integrity have always been valued on the family front. The main thing - not to indulge a spouse or lover in business only because you have deep personal relationships.

Scenario №2. Patron and pupil.

Perfect couple could happen again if one of the spouses or lovers taking care of the other. And how is the ward? If he meekly and even gratefully takes on this role, then later he will also give up claims to the protest. Unbelievable but true: today the destiny to be "helpless and grateful" increasingly falls to the men. However, many men liking such a scenario, as many of them brought his mother and are not averse to be under the care of a new "her that."

Scenario №3. Applause, applause ...

Often the case that one of the partners, something initially superior, it does not get tired to get signs of admiration and approval of any of its activities or achievements not only on its second half, but from all the others, or rather, "approximate" . However, the "shelf life" in such a pair can be endless, especially if there is no cause for jealousy or blackmail. The main thing - do not disturb "Prince" or "Princess" in an endless attentions from their "subjects", including the opposite sex.

Scenario №4. Strategists.

If spouses or lovers are set for long-term relationship, and goals have to be the same. For example, the desire to have many children and a big beautiful house can be attributed not only women but also men. The main thing - just agree that you both expect from life and consider whether the opportunity to participate to the second half. Sometimes such discussions can end and scandal, but do not immediately break off relations: try to explain everything again and in a more relaxed atmosphere. If the long-term goals you have the opposite, it is possible that only true love can save you from breaking.

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