I'll be back, and her husband and her lover

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 The history is as old as the world: a violation of a woman adultery. Not an easy nor non-binding communication, not a fleeting passion, not an adventure, and a long, long way sometimes, where two partners in life - a husband and a lover.
 Society is more inclined to condemn a woman, since it is assumed that the characteristic of polygamous. Closed because other wives eye on male infidelity: let him walk, just to not quit. It happens that, and put up with the presence of a second family. But such is not noticed until such a precedent, that the woman had two husbands at the same time. For women, it is difficult at first. On the men's reactions and not talking.

It turns out that such a woman two lives - a clear married and secret lover. Some people find this kind of romance: Goodbye to run, to hide the relationship from friends, dodge, pretend. But usually hides behind all this bitterness, and fatigue. How long can you hide in the end? Why not leave her husband? But you never know the circumstances - the children will not understand or will not accept a new father, and the housing problem in a flash can not be solved. Equally important is the material dependence.

Yes, and the lover is not always available, and may be he had a family and children. And then ... because the woman can love and husband.

She just could not find everything you need it to one person. What is missing her husband, then there is a lover. Get to da combine them (Gogol's dream bride) - would be ideal. She loves, suppose two, but these two are secretly for her one partner. And how many variants of emotions - a lover may be more pronounced sexual desire. To her husband - a spiritual affection, respect, habit, because people already own. By the way, sorry - it is also an indispensable attribute of most love triangles.

So in essence, this model has relations outside of treason. Both the husband and lover, become part of the soul, and very painful to be the most voluntarily give up some of them. And do not be so blame women facing such a choice. Firstly, the fate of this savory, and secondly - the situation is unlikely to be resolved to the mutual satisfaction. Painful justify their behavior also replaced habit. And you can say about it - yes, honest woman. Verna and her husband, and lover.

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