How to survive a divorce during pregnancy

How to survive a divorce during pregnancy
 Divorce - is always stressful, and divorce during pregnancy doubly difficult and unpleasant. Many women in this situation, despair and do not know how to build their lives on. How can survive this difficult period?
 First stop panicking and start to think logically. In your position is now the most important - is the future baby. Try to calm down, because the emotion and negative emotions can harm the baby. If you had the idea to terminate a pregnancy to save the marriage, drop it. This could be the biggest mistake. Regardless, next to you, or you husband divorced, baby - it's a miracle that will decorate your life.

As for the legal side of this issue, the law favors a woman. No problem to dissolve the marriage is possible with the consent of both spouses and the lack of common children under 18 years. If you have shared with her husband children who have not attained the age of majority, the divorce papers have to apply through the courts. If you want to keep the family together, despite the difficulties, according to the law a woman has the right to postpone the divorce until the kid is not one year old. If the divorce took a woman, it can dissolve the marriage, even without her husband's consent. In addition, the expectant mother during pregnancy and until the child is three years old, has the right to require the spouse alimony and over. They are awarded regardless of disability wife and her financial situation.

It is also important psychological state of the future mother. Do not turn in on themselves, communicate with friends and family, or can not escape depression. Agree with parents or girlfriend that you have a little may stay calm and think the situation or just perezhdete time while the former spouse will take your bags and move out of your apartment. Do not blame yourself in the decay of the family. In some cases it is better to leave than constantly quarrel and endure humiliation. Divorce - it's not the end of life, but simply a new chapter in your destiny. Find the strength and courage to meet the changes go!

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