How to save your marriage

How to save your marriage
 Before taking any action in order to save your marriage, you need to honestly answer the question: "Why? "In creating a family, you probably waiting for some results. For example, want independence, integrity and security. And most of all, just wanted to be with someone you love and nothing else thought.
 "In sorrow and disease ... Only death separates you ..." - it all seemed just a beautiful ritual, but it turned out? So why do you need a family? What do you expect from an intimate relationship? What matters to you? And whether your desires coincide with the desires of your chosen one? If you still have not thought about these questions, think about this in the near future.

At any happy family must have at least one thing that spouses do together that are interested in both. It could be anything other than duties. Both of you can like the same books, movies, computer games, recreational facilities. The main thing that it was mostly good for you and not for others. Do not look at someone else's opinion, do not listen to the advice of friends, listen to your heart. Your common interests - only your concern. In addition, the joint activity contributes to the development of love.

Another try not to make the purpose of marriage nazhivanie wealth. Housing Problem and material well-being, of course, an important part of family happiness, but not an end but only a means. Not to get so close to that age, with all that I wanted, you have concluded that the earlier a young man living in a communal eating a boiled potato, you were happier than they are now on the red-brick cottage in three floors with gardens the size of a football field and bars on the windows, the thieves did not steal your silverware. Then there is the realization that you do not go where he wanted to be very late.

If the first important condition for a happy marriage - common causes and interests, the second - the wisdom of a woman who understands what it means to be married to be her husband. And would argue that it is - the head of everything, without it, no housekeeping, no breakfast, lunch, dinner, or educated and talented children. No, man - a head, the head of the house. To prove the opposite - unwise. But we should not forget the fact that the woman - neck: where to turn neck, back and head. To accept this situation with optimism, often remember this story:

"One day, God created Eve. It was perfect. God all day long admired, looking at her. But after a while, Eva started to miss - and the Garden of Eden, paradise and the little animals are not so much joy to her.
- What saddens you? - God asked.
- I have no one to talk ...
- But you can communicate with animals.
- Yes, but I would like to talk to someone, like me.
- Well, - thinking, God said - I will make you Adam, but on one condition: he must always be sure that the first one I created it! »

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