How to make your marriage successful

How to make your marriage successful
 Meet your destiny, into marriage, have children - especially significant event in our lives. By this we almost everything and seek. But to get anything - not to keep. Divorce statistics is relentless. The collapse of experiencing more than 50% of families created.

On some emotions, dreams of a beautiful and passionate desires a happy marriage is not postroish.On not arise out of nothing by chance. The couple - two oxen yoked, and happy marriage without the painstaking work and cooperation impossible. Building a successful marriage takes place with the help of many components: patience, sacrifice, forgiveness and a sincere obscheniya.Vot some tips "experienced" couples who did it:

1. Talk.
Open for marriage is important as air, especially during the crisis period for the family. Just need to talk about the reasons for differences and it is equally important to be able to listen to.

2. Listen.
Often we are more polite with strangers than with their own husbands. Try not to interrupt and to listen to the couple in the same tact as their own bosses.

3.Sozdavayte tradition.
Almost all the happy couples build their own rituals and traditions. No matter what it is - a special touch of love or a cup of coffee in the morning, let the secret between you appear, the symbol of which is known to you.

4. Solve the financial issues.
It is advisable to discuss the topic of finances before the wedding to understand the position of the partner on the loans, savings and money orders, in order to avoid future family disputes. Agree who will be "banker" in your family and who will be responsible for the daily expenses.

5. Spend time together.
This is a reliable way to wake up and maintain feelings that you have joined.

6.Podderzhivayte love.
Maintaining love is possible with the everyday simple rules: Do not go to bed angry, hurt and angry at a spouse, say "love" and kiss every day, remember the courtesy and the words "please" and "thank you." Rejoice each other congratulations anyway with what and lovely gifts. Just like that, for the sake of the case. Do not be boring, hung up on the details.

7.Hranite marriage.
Do not break the curse of the most important in the life of the contract. Keeping his sacred condition, you will reap priceless rewards. And turning back, you will experience a sense of pride and that goal is reached, and your marriage is truly fortunate, and life - gorgeous.

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