How to improve family relationships

How to improve family relationships
 Family relationships - one of the most expensive things in life, so keep them very important. Each union is sometimes inevitable crises, during which the atmosphere in the house can be stressful. In order not to destroy the relationship and make a family stronger and focus you need to learn to tune in a positive way and to show more warmth, care and patience in relation to a close, do not forget to express their feelings through actions.
 Usually difficult situation in the relationship does not occur in a vacuum. In every family sooner or later accumulate a critical mass of a kind of unspoken feelings, pain or dissatisfaction criticism partner. Usually external problems in one or both spouses lead to aggravation, during which all the negative emotions go outside, creating a tense atmosphere in the family. If the situation is difficult, and the couple are impulsive and unconstrained, then at some point, things can get out of control. Then the inevitable big quarrel. Well, if the mutual displeasure partners are not too many, in this case, a small outbreak of negative emotions helps to release them, the couple feels calm and romantic mood. Usually at this time there are candid conversations happen to good sex, so that the situation strengthens the relationship.

But if unexpressed pain and resentment are too many, then immediately make it all can be downright dangerous to your union. In this situation, you need as much as possible to reduce their conflicts. If you become calm and friendly, then after some time the same thing will happen with a partner. Then you can start to slowly dig obstruction of internal family problems, do not forget about tact, patience and unfailing kindness.

But what it means to reduce their conflict? Start with the fact that the stop criticizing partner. It may be much more difficult than it seems. After all the criticism - it's not just the words of disapproval, but also contemptuous sniff, shrug, unwillingness to listen to that for the spouse is important. All that separates people, helps to ensure that the most important thoughts and feelings were not understood by the other party.

Start thinking about what you say. Control yourself in every moment of contact with a partner. This is not an easy job, but because your family is really expensive for you? Consider how important for you loved one. Efforts are the result. Will take no more than a month, and the improved atmosphere in the family has become very noticeable.

Then you need to try to forgive all the insults to your partner. Sounds a bit naive? But this is the only way to family happiness. There are various psychological practices that help to forgive the people closest. To do this, you will be surprised and how much steel to feel better. This is difficult, because the one who is most dear person, becomes the most powerful source of grievances.

Try to develop a resistance to the things that are often hurt you in a loved one. Almost always there is a certain set of actions, which is inherent to the partner, and you have cause rejection. Learn tolerance - your way to handle this. After all, change another person is almost impossible. Besides, you know that the partner did not want to offend you by these his actions, but he kind of man he is that every time makes the same mistake.

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