How to get a divorce

How to get a divorce
 Unfortunately, it happens that even much people love each other suddenly cease to be friends and can no longer be around. In such cases couples do not see any other choice but to divorce.
 By mutual consent of the spouses who do not have joint underage children can get a divorce in the registry office. To do this, they need to make two statements or one containing the signatures of both spouses, as well as to provide a passport, marriage certificate and proof of payment of state duty to divorce. Following the filing of these documents is necessary to wait the prescribed period (one month). Then again, the couple must come to the registry office and, after confirming the intention to divorce, to obtain a certificate of divorce. In the passport to the registry office tick "marriage annulled."

When one of the spouses is recognized missing or incompetent, then the statement of the other spouse is attached the relevant supporting documents.

If one of the spouses is imprisoned for more than 3 years, the latter may apply to the ZPGS yourself and get a divorce unconditionally.

 If one spouse does not agree to a divorce or a place to be the division of property, the application (as well as a claim for property division or application for the award of alimony) submitted to the court. After one month from the date of submission of all documents held a hearing on the place and time of which you will be notified by means of the agenda. During the meeting, the pair will be asked questions about the causes of divorce. It will also discuss issues related to children and the division of property.

The couple themselves can make a plan section of the property and to register all the points concerning the place of residence of children and the need and frequency of their meetings with the other parent. The court will consider your suggestions and if they do not contradict the interests of the child and each spouse, give them legal force.

As for maintenance, the parent with whom the child is obliged to submit an income statement. On the basis of this document and shall be calculated amount of alimony.

Get a divorce if the spouse is pregnant or a child under one year is impossible.

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