How to build peace in the family

How to build peace in the family
 It's nice when there is peace in the family. It is a safe haven in which people close to always be able to support each other in difficult situations and deed and word. Unfortunately, sometimes between relatives there are various misunderstandings and difficulties. What to do in case of quarrels? And how to establish peace in the family and get a good relationship?
 If at the moment of confrontation with relatives constantly provoke them, any conflict will only get worse. That is why the first stop to conduct "military operations". Not intriguing and not meddle in the open. This will be the first steps towards reconciliation.

Because there is a conflict then? The most common causes - a clash of interests and different views on the same situation. Try to express your wishes without swearing and shouting. Not to claim, simply mark their point of view on what is happening. Try not to get personal, discussing the current situation. Criticise the only action, not human qualities, which are, in your opinion, negative. If you ignore the previous tip, and will express claims constantly pull up and teach family members, then to establish peace in the family will be almost impossible.

There are two ways to resolve any disputes and disagreements - is a compromise and cooperation. If all family members are involved in the conflict, agreed to cede to each other, in such a case can come to a compromise. Still can not just agree, because in this case it is necessary to some extent to renounce their beliefs. And go for it can not everyone.

Cooperation - is the best way out of any conflict. Stick to this strategy and think that this will make the warring parties to resolve any disputes.

Try in any conflict, first put yourself in the other person, and then try to understand the motives of his conduct, vision and causes emotional discomfort. Make it clear to him that his claims are not alien to you, and that you accept them. And only when everyone in the family to come to in order to accommodate primarily the interests of the other, and long-awaited peace will reign.

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