How to become a good wife

How to become a good wife
 People meet, people fall in love, get married. This is life. However, it often happens that a couple having quarrels and scandals. My husband have many claims to his wife on a particular occasion. How to be a good wife to the house there was peace and comfort? That her husband was always happy, you need to know a few simple but very important rules.

The food is tasty her husband, as corny as it may sound. After all, has long been known that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Well-fed man - a good man. For any man it is important that it is always delicious fed, and fed to satiety. No less important is the fact that the food should be prepared personally wife. If you do not know how to cook, cookbook arm or grandmother's recipes. He certainly will appreciate all your efforts. One should not forget about the constant variety of the table.

Take care of your wife. Men - like children, they love to them to show constant concern. Sew a button, prepare clothes for tomorrow (from the headdress and ending with the toes), bring breakfast in bed - little things, from which man will be doubly pleased.

Interested in his works show that you're interested in what's going on in his work, in relationships with friends. Indifference can greatly hurt, and a man can be closed. But at the same time do not be pushy. Do not show excessive interest, especially if you see that it is distasteful to him, and he does not want to let you in this area of ​​his life.

Give him freedom. He wants to relax with friends or go fishing - release him without further ado and recriminations. You will see that the next time he pondered over whether to go somewhere or to go. He once again want to spend time at home with his beloved, and a good wife. The more freedom you give the man, the less he wants to use it.

Not "Saw" him. Constant reproaches, grievances and complaints very bored, and the man often tries to relieve stress is not the best method. Someone starts a woman on the side, someone starts drinking.

Carefully watch your appearance. Maintain a regularly updated wardrobe. Be always different. Even at home, you should always look good. Unusual home suit, beautiful styling, at least a minimum of makeup - man certainly celebrate it.

Be affectionate, attentive, caring, kind and sweet. Then your husband will say with confidence: "I have a good wife."

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