How not to run into married

How not to run into married
 You met a cool guy. Love, carrots, candy buketny period romance. But you feel the heart - that something is wrong. He disappears, does not call for a few days, sometimes forgetful and absent-minded. How to calculate zhenatika and more not to step on the same rake?

"Guys are so many idle, and I love married". Now more and more married men are drawn to the exploits on the side. Causes adultery weight, but why should suffer innocent girl, sincerely believe that their cavalier clean and pure? How not to run into married? Absolute guarantee you, of course, no one will, but some habits and habits you should immediately arouse suspicion.

He is mysterious and enigmatic as a spy of foreign intelligence. Minimum information about yourself. More listening than speaking. And like you are chatting with him every day for a few hours on the phone, but in fact absolutely nothing about it know. Such is the Shtirlits.

Continuing the theme of espionage - it complies with conspiracy. Dinner you walk only a small cafe on the outskirts of the city, do not really know where he lives, let alone to visit you and even more so, he did not call. When the phone rings, he leaves the room, referring to the importance of the call or do not pick up the phone, arguing that currently exist for him only you. "Honey, do not call me at work, I very seldom happens on the spot" - a familiar phrase? He obviously you hiding something. And if he was not a spy, then there is only one quite likely option - it zhenatik.

New Year you meet alone, clinking glasses with a bottle. Of course, it is the New Year's holidays, he was sent to Karaganda enter into an important business deal, and, of course, you do not make sense to go with it - it will be so busy, so busy. The same applies to other events: March 8, February 23, Valentine's Day. He always some business, some problems. Perhaps he was Superman and saves the planet, and you just do not want to put at risk? Possible. Then you can only envy.

He knows all the cartoons, children's songs and Counting, and yogurt, milk and fruit mixtures just special. Maybe your boyfriend stayed as a child, and at night secretly watching "Chip and Dale" eating applesauce and happily clapping her hands. Let's be realistic - sure, he has not once became a father.

He always shaved, ironed and is carrying a neatly folded starched handkerchief. Yes, your man is perfect. It should look as bachelors, leading a spartan life.

And, of course, you are not familiar with either his parents or with friends. Where do you hurry, because whole life ahead. "On this planet, there is only you, I'm no one to share and want you to waste precious time" - the phrase at all times.

If you subconsciously feel that the tiles do not come together, listen to your mind, intuition, and not the heart and arrange him a couple of crash tests. Giving him some pretty trifle, require it necessarily always carry with you - it will warm your soul, and then silently trace the fate of trinkets. If it is lost, vanished, broken, then it is a clear disadvantage for him. Make a surprise for him: Come to work with homemade cake and a frantic exclamations about how you missed your lapusik, throw her arms around him. It remains only to monitor the reaction and draw appropriate conclusions.

Zhenatiki sometimes split themselves, so to speak confess their sins, begging for mercy. He will repeat to you that you're the best woman in the world to have met you, and all was forgotten was darkened, and he and his wife divorced, and will be forever yours. Remember that if a person is already enrolled so times, it will not cost anything to do the same scam you.

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