Harm and benefits of family scandals

Harm and benefits of family scandals
 It would seem that family scandals are nothing but harm and are often the cause of divorce. Perhaps no two that would cost in my life without them. As researchers found, is not always an emotional conversation in a raised voice can be attributed to the negative phenomena.
 Recently published results of a decade of research scientists of the American Heart Association. They watched about 2,000 couples and found a striking pattern. As it turned out, those women who prefer a scandal, not to wear his discontent in himself, mortality from heart failure was four times lower. At the same time men scandals have a pronounced negative effect - they have observed dysfunction of the heart muscle. This was expressed in the manifestation of symptoms such as arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation, which is one of the causes of heart attacks.

Doctors also found a positive effect of the scandals that resulted in husbands, usually relating to the state of his health reckless, had to go to the doctors. This firstly allows them during detect and diagnose many diseases whose treatment success just depends on the timely detection. And furthermore, the scandals are satisfied with their wives, have contributed to the fact that the men were forced to strictly follow all the instructions of doctors and follow up treatment. Those husbands and wives who are not "stimulated" in this way, often throwing treatment immediately after the first signs of improvement.

Of course, health - a serious thing and, perhaps, a method such as a scandal, in this case justified. But still try to avoid this kind of communication with each other. Scandals over trifles, which is often the reason for both partners and remember, they can not, have a devastating effect on the climate in the family. They gradually poison the existence of both spouses and reduce their love to naught.

Take care of each other and try, if possible, to learn to express their grievances more civilized way. As the experience of couples who have lived together for a long time, reasoned arguments made calmly, much better perceived by the interlocutor.

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