Guest marriage: pros and cons

Guest marriage: pros and cons
 In recent years abroad has become very popular to use the guest marriage. He suggests couples living apart, which only occasionally, on certain days of the meet on neutral territory. Recently, our young people also began to follow the newfangled trends.

In the guest of marriage has a number of advantages. Firstly, the tire does not couple to each other. They can spend their free time on your own. Second, fewer domestic problems that often interfere with normal life together in the usual marriage. Finally, guest marriage - is the complete freedom, which is limited only by the moral values ​​of each of the spouses. They can meet friends, play sports or go for a walk without accounting partner in all his actions.

Such marriages involve young people the freedom that lies behind such an attitude. They know that his wife will not be jealous of them, will not catch, but just go about their business. As a result, the spouses do not lose interest in each other, and each meeting is similar to the first meeting of the two young lovers.

However, with all the advantages from the guest of marriage, there are a number of drawbacks. Firstly, the couple almost no sense of responsibility towards their partner. They think that at any moment they can "pack their bags" - and leave. As a result, most of the guest marriage breaks down after a short time, and only a few go to another level of relations.

Second, weak social protection of children. The fact that customary marriages give kids a sense of stability, and the parents live apart disorienting children. If you do not change the situation, it appears that the kids and then not be able to establish normal relations with the opposite sex in adulthood.

And, finally, freedom - is the lack of responsibility. If a person is not ready to take care of a loved one, it can not properly treat children. Such a wrong attitude can destroy the normal perception of life.

In general, the guest marriage for young people, but in adulthood is best to choose traditional forms of relationships.

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