Do not make her husband "dependents"

Do not make her husband "dependents"
 Two age-old problem: a woman wants her man to earn a lot, but at the same time, and she seeks to make a career and to have their own money. It also happens that in the pursuit of success woman can really reach unprecedented heights and even surpass her husband. What do you do if your salary is much more than the salary of men?

There are families whose source of income has no special relationship. If a man earns - well, if a woman - too bad. All people are different, and family relationships can also be different. If both spouses are quite satisfied with this situation, you can only envy them and wish them continued happiness. But, unfortunately, these situations are rare. More often than not, men are dissatisfied with low wages either he or his wife, or both of them do not like it. Here begins scandals, quarrels and family crises.

Of course, the salary of his wife in the first blow to the male ego. The man - the breadwinner, he must provide for his family. And if, suddenly, a woman deprives him of that status, as if to say that the great cost and without it, then, and start the nerves and emotions. For a man in such a situation it would be best, of course, to find a job with a higher level of income. In the end, perhaps the wife's fault that she wanted to live better and make more money. If there is no possibility to change jobs or, say, a favorite work, and there is a man in his place, then it is necessary to solve the problem by other methods.

The woman, of course, do not really want to take on a major role in the family. Strong floor must be strong, and sometimes I need a woman to stay weak and defenseless. Therefore, if the salary of husband and wife begins to differ in several times, the woman feels uncomfortable - they are deprived of their original roles. Willy-nilly, it has to take responsibility for ensuring that the family budget money. But this is a man supposed to do. Wrong to begin with reproaches. Think about what your husband and so can be quite a hard time in this situation. You should not constantly nag him and reproach that he earns less than you. He himself perfectly understands everything, believe me.

Silent about the issue, if it bothers you, of course, is also impossible. Try to sit down and calmly discuss all your concerns. If the husband earns less, it may in some other way to contribute: repair, help around the house, to organize a general leisure. And, most importantly, remember, please, why you live together. It is not because of the money, but because they love each other. And if so - must be able to find a way out of any crisis situation and restore warmth in your relationship.

By the way, there is another scenario. Some women thought, throwing his super profitable work and become housewives. The man turned back to head of the family, and a woman raising children and cooked delicious borscht. And in these pairs was fine, because the main thing - love.

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