And he told her sons to do. About Unequal Marriage

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 Marriages are different. And if the unions, which is the most senior man, considered classics, those in which the woman is over, on the contrary cause a storm of emotions and indignation. "And he told her sons in the suit" - gossip behind his neighbor, looking accusingly at the track. But it's not just gossip. It should come to such a union seriously and understand the pros and cons of unequal marriages.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of such a union for women is, in fact, a handsome young man next door, who will constantly remind you that you are in the prime of life. This satellite will be an incentive for you to constantly monitor themselves and look at 100 percent. In addition, because of your age and life experience, the young husband would be very interested in your company. After all, you, as a woman held, you can show off his wit and erudition, which will cause you to genuine respect as a person and not just the representative of the opposite sex.

Second, the advantage of this unequal marriage is a huge sex drive, because the way nature that a woman reaches the zenith between the 30th and 40 years, and a man in a period of 23-28 years. Thus, you will already have a good experience, which will direct your relationship in bed in the right direction and will cause mutual satisfaction.

Third, a positive thing that the husband younger wife, we can assume that you will be able to without too much trouble to take part in the formation of some of its qualities, for example, the relationship to the family. The main thing in this situation - do not overdo it, you need to constantly remember that you - his wife and muse, not Mom.

If the transition to the evaluation of the disadvantages of unequal marriage, then you should start, perhaps, from the fact that such an alliance is constantly experiencing the attack from a variety of gossip, rumors and outright indignation expressed in the eye, and sometimes loved ones. Let you in a relationship with a partner all right, but listen to the story that you have found a son, have for a long time, so you should have nerves of steel and not to give unnecessary cause for gossip. This is sure to add strained relations between the parents of a young husband and young daughter is not, in fact quite difficult to endorse this choice of their child.

The most negative aspect is the fact that you are psychologically'll understand what your husband revolves around the many beautiful young girls. In this case, you will need to relax and not to doubt love its second half.

And last possible negative - are children. Perhaps your husband will want to have on your children together, that your plans are not included. The reasons may be varied: there are children from his first marriage, you are afraid to give birth for the first time in 40 years, you have a career in full swing. A real family - is, as you know, "I'm seven." Well, or at least three - father, mother and child.

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