About mother in law and not only about her. Problems young family

About mother in law and not only about her. Problems young family
 Each person has their own particular ideas about family life. And when after the wedding begin lapping - quarrels and tears can not be avoided. And all because every family their stereotypes, expectations and perceptions of family responsibilities. The pair was able to reconcile his ideals and habits need to work together to smooth out all the rough edges of married life.  

The first thing to remember when starting a family, it's a completely new relationship, and they will never be like my parents, despite all the efforts. At the initial stage it is necessary to compromise in all, an attempt to remake the second half to fit their needs and interests will result in the collapse of the relationship. One option - to get rid of mutual deficiencies that do not suit each spouse. Then both will have to go towards each other and gradually eliminate bad habits.

To achieve full compliance with their ideals, of course, is impossible, but with time it will become clear that it is not so necessary as first thought.

Big trouble begins when one of the parents interfere in the life of a young family. Whether it's mother-in-law or mother-positive results it never brings. A failure to build a honeymoon right relationship with parents wife or husband and generates conflicts between spouses. It's one derogatory remarks about the mother or the father of one of the spouses would trigger the breakdown of relationships. Often to blame in this, both partners, as one of them was able to gently protect parents from interfering in their family life, and the other instead of talking on the souls throws his anger and expressed dissatisfaction.

Well, if the young family lives separately and farther away from the parents, the better. But the joint lives of children and their parents under one roof to no good arguments. Parents because of their experience and sophistication think they know how to do something better, what should be the relationship in marriage and, accordingly, are trying to teach young family. On this basis, there is a constant irritation and omissions, and in a "beautiful" moment of patience bursts, and some one just leaves, slamming the door.

There are plenty of problems that appear immediately after the newlyweds wedding. Each of them - a headache threatening relationships within the family. All problems must be solved together, firmly forbidding parents to interfere in the relationship.

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