The most common mistakes women in marriage

The most common mistakes women in marriage
 Often, women all make mistakes attributed to men. Some women are aware of their mistakes, and some may never understand what a mistake to consider marriage and why.

Error married №1: "Wedding - a final."
Many women think that after the wedding, the man already is not going anywhere, so you can relax and stop taking care of yourself is not supporting his interest in himself. This is very misleading, because of which quickly disappears from the relationship romance, mystery and attraction.

Error married №2: "Few of communication."
Men, like women are very fond of communication. And if he sees that his wife spends a lot of time talking with a friend, not with him, he will feel abandoned.

Error married №3: "There is no agreement about the work at home."
Many women think that a man came home from work should finish the works that she did during the day. Men believe that after working woman should give it a rest and help relax. Hence the conflict. Avoid this by coming to a common agreement, which must necessarily be carried out.

Error married №4: "Criticism of the spouse in the presence of strangers."
Never under any circumstances can not give advice to her husband in public. Men really do not like that. If you want to, and that any supporting or advise do it, for example, in your ear. Do not apply the blow to the self-esteem of her husband, you risk to destroy his family.

Error married №5: "The joint shopping trip."
Many men of this very afraid and do not like. Therefore, to avoid quarrels better to leave the spouse at home, and take a best friend.

Error married №6: "Please help restore order in the apartment."
Men do not like odd jobs. Therefore, it is better to ask to do something difficult, and then send, for example, to wash the car.

Error married №7: "Show your superiority over her husband."
Critical mistake women is when they try to outdo her husband in every way, especially in men's affairs.

Error married №8: "Too much time to devote to her friends."
Too frequent and longer gatherings among friends can hurt a man no less than the long phone conversations.

Error married №9: "Flirting with friends wife."
All tokens will be seen and treated her husband with exaggeration.

Error married №10: "Criticism of the spouse."
Criticism from your friends and relatives of her husband, as well as his talents and sexual qualities very much can it hurt.

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